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Stylish Men's & Women's Diabetic Shoes to Fit Your Lifestyle

Just because you're diabetic, it doesn't mean you only have a few options when it comes to selecting fashionable diabetic shoes. We offer a grand selection of diabetic shoes that are not only functional and comfortable, but stylish. In addition to providing wound care and postoperative shoes for diabetics, we offer diabetic dress shoes, work shoes, boots, and other diabetic footwear that can help diabetics lead full and active lives without fearing for their feet. Browse our selection of diabetic shoes in popular, podiatrist-respected brands like p.w. minor, Dr. Comfort, Orthofeet, Drew, and more. DRC_our_footwear_boots1

Diabetic Dress Shoes and Work Boots

Dr. Comfort shoes offer top quality and style.comf-foot-W-header If you have diabetes, whether you work in an office or at a construction site, you'll need a pair of reliable diabetic work shoes to get you through each day without risking diabetic foot injury. Made from breathable leather and suede materials, diabetic work shoes are designed to cushion while providing superior ankle, arch, and heel support, and evenly distributing body weight across the foot to avoid painful pressure points. Diabetic work shoes also provide the extra depth necessary to accommodate custom-orthotics which can mean the difference between end of the day foot pain and lasting comfort. For a business casual environment, many men and women prefer to wear diabetic dress shoes. Diabetic dress shoes are usually more comfortable versions of popular fashion shoes such as women's Mary Janes and men's street loafers. We also sell steel-toed diabetic work boots, for outdoor workers looking for heavy-duty, performance diabetic foot protection.

Diabetic Walking Shoes

dr-comfort-meghan-purple1dr comfort -Katy-athleticFor people with diabetes walking can be especially beneficial to health. In addition to lowering cholesterol and decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, walking for diabetic exercise also lowers blood sugar level and improves circulation to the legs and feet. As a diabetic walker, you will need to pay careful attention to preventing foot problems such as blisters and calluses. Walk-related foot injuries tend to occur when a walker wears a shoe that is either the wrong type of shoe or a poor fit for their feet. Fortunately, most diabetic foot problems can be prevented by purchasing a pair of properly fitting diabetic walking shoes and paying proper attention to diabetic foot care.

Sandals For Sensitive Diabetic Feet

dr-comfort-sandaldr-comfort-sandals-1Because many diabetic feet have a slower rate of healing and are extra sensitive to heat, friction, and injury from foreign particles; diabetic sandals have a much taller order to deliver when it comes to comfort and foot protection than your average orthopedic sandal. If you have a history of severe diabetic foot problems such as diabetic foot ulcers we strong recommended you consult your doctor before wearing diabetic sandals. What Is a Diabetic Sandal? Most of our diabetic sandals are either fisherman-style or Mary Jane sandals with vents or cut-out sections on the top of the vamp for improved aeration without creating entry ways for sand and peddles that can injury the soles of the feet. To prevent foot irritation that can lead to blisters and calluses, the interior of a diabetic sandal needs to be as close to seamless as possible. Thong sandals (flip flops) are not recommended for diabetics (particularly those with diabetic neuropathy of the feet), because of the risk of damaging the fragile tissue between the toes, nor are open heel sandals because of the risk of developing heel calluses that may crack and become infected. dr-comfort-sandals2
Don't hesitate to call or email our friendly staff if you have any questions or need assistance. These skilled and knowledgeable diabetic shoe experts will do everything in their power to help find the right diabetic shoe for you.