Twinkle Toes 2U

Twinkle Toes 2U

Twinkle Toes 2U TeamTwinkle Toes 2U has provided exceptional professional nursing foot care in the Twin Cities Metro area and surrounding communities.

Your treatment begins with a comprehensive physical assessment and plan that will help you or your family member become proactive and practice preventative health management. Twinkle Toes 2U nurses address problems such as nail fungus, ingrown toenails, callouses, corns, and the unique conditions related to diabetes.

At each appointment we will evaluate your lower legs and feet. After a bubbling foot bath your nails will be professionally trimmed and problem areas addressed. As a finishing touch, your lower legs and feet will be massaged with moisturizing lotion.

TTC Foot CareIf you are diabetic, use blood thinners, have tremors, or other conditions making foot care a challenge, let us help you!

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