Both of our stores have a showroom full of lift chairs, scooters and other products, so you can try before you buy. We carry everything from Scooters, Power Chairs, Bath Safety Equipment, Rollators, Walkers, Wheelchairs, Ramps, Bariatric Equipment, Bath Safety Equipment, Commodes, Urinals, Bedpans, Surgical Support Hose to most anything else medical related.

And if it's not in stock, most items we can get it in store in 2 days.

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Nutrition & Health

We all know that we should be eating healthier, but we don’t always know that our food alone doesn’t provide the full nutrition we need to be healthy and prevent disease.
We carry a full line of nutrition and health products designed to promote physical health and disease prevention. Proper nutrition helps prevent high cholesterol and high blood pressure and helps reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and much more!
Talk to us about how you can improve your health.

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Lift Chairs

Lift Chairs are recliners that electronically lift you up with the push of a button.  They recline and also lift the person back to a standing position.  Lift Chairs are the perfect solution for those who have difficulty getting into or up from a regular chair by themselves. Lift chairs are of great benefit to arthritis patients, particularly patients suffering from arthritis of the hip or knees.We have a large selection of chairs in our showroom.  Our equipment specialists are available to assist you in trying and selecting the best options.  We also offer lift chair rentals.

There are so many fabrics and models to choose from, including 2-Position, 3-Position, infinite-position and zero-gravity chairs. We carry all the major lift chair manufacturers, including Golden Technologies, Pride Mobility.

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Power Chairs

Power chairs, also referred to as powered wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs or self-propelled wheelchairs, are personal vehicles designed equally for both indoor and outdoor use. We have a large range from multiple suppliers, and provide a wide range of styles, customization options, modifications and capabilities.

Leading Brands

We take great pride in the options we provide to our customers, and our stock is provided by the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Pride, Golden, Invacare, Drive, Sunrise Medical, Quantum, and more.

Our power chairs are intended to provide the full advantages of cutting-edge, newly-available technology and time-honored, reliable staples to our customers. As such, we supply electric wheelchairs with fully-modifiable power options, including powered tilt capabilities, powered seat lift and height adjustment, and machine-activated recline options. The seats themselves can be fully customized to provide a diverse choice of seating options to ensure maximum comfort, health and ease of use, and can even be modified to include posture controls and adjustment technology.

Versatile Power Chair Models

Our range of power chairs also includes a wide range of options that can be transported by car, through to rugged models optimized for outdoor use and those with high-performance batteries that are capable of going through long periods between charges, allowing even greater freedom of mobility to the owner. We have front-wheel drive, traditional rear-wheel drive and newly-developed mid-wheel drive chairs that maintain a sturdy center of gravity using casters in front of and behind the central drive wheels for a smoother, more maneuverable ride.

Power chairs are like no other machine or aid available. They provide independence and mobility in the home, are comfortable to sit in for long periods and boast substantial battery range and tough construction for outdoor use. Whatever your individual needs, from a small, maneuverable chair that can fit in your car to a rugged machine able to tackle the great outdoors, our team can help you tailor a chair to your exact specifications.

 Name Brand Power Chairs

Bariatric Power Chairs Rehab Group 3 Power Chairs Portable Travel Mobility Power Chairs

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Mobility Scooters

Our collection of top-of-the-range mobility scooters come in three different types: travel mobility scooters, mid size mobility scooters and large Class 3 mobility scooters. This ensures we have something for everyone, regardless of your unique individual circumstances and no matter what your budget might be.

Pride Ultimate Mobility & Portability 

We hope to assist people with our range of stylish, efficient and high quality mobility scooters, helping you to live your life as you normally would.

Our selection of travel mobility scooters are perfect if you wish to just go around the shops, take it on public transport or easily dismantle it to fit it in the back of a vehicle. Meanwhile, larger Class 3 models are better for long distance movement as they are built to be used in the yard or on pavement.

Scooters are an ideal solution for the loss of any level of mobility, allowing you to get around without assistance.

Scooter & Power Wheel Chair Accessories

• Extended Range Batteries**
• Weather Covers
• Backpacks, Side Bags and Cushions
• Safety Lights & Flags
• Oxygen, Cane, & Crutch Holders
• Seat Belts
• Cup holders
• Mirrors

**Particular models only

Mobility Scooters

Hospital Beds

A conventional bed may not always be the most comfortable or practical item for those in need of health care. Purchasing a purpose built hospital bed for your home may be a far better solution. Hospital beds are designed specifically to help the user be more comfortable over long periods of time, and they ensure those looking after him or her are able to do so with far greater ease.

Bed positions can be changed with ease by pushing a button - you do not need to call for help to do this. You can also raise or lower the head, knees or foot of the bed, and the beds have fully adjustable side rails too.

We have a wide range of hospital beds for sale or rent that can be used in the home. We primarily recommend Drive and Invacare, although we can special order other brands if you need. Our beds come in a variety of sizes and styles, allowing you to get the perfect hospital bed for your needs. 


Hospital Bed

Patient Lifts and Transfer Aids

Back problems are the number one reason that medical staff leave the field. Don't risk hurting your back transferring your loved one or patient. Many options are available from traditional lifts to the new innovative Rifton products.

We carry manual, power, stand up, overhead, bath, and pool lifts, along with a variety of patient slings. With offerings from top brands like Invacare, Medline, and Drive, available at affordable discount prices, you can’t go wrong! If you’re looking for a safe, efficient way to transfer the person in your care from one room or area to another, look no further.


Walking Aids

From canes to Rollators, we have everything to keep you mobile and active!

A 4-wheeled Rollator is the perfect solution to people with issues of mobility as it provides a comfortable way to support your body enabling you to easily move around indoors and outdoors. The loss of mobility can be very hard on a person. It can hinder one's ability to work, shop, and do many other things that are a crucial part of being independent. However, it doesn't have to. We have a large stock of 4-wheeled Rollators & walkers to choose from that will immediately help get you on your feet once again. They are able to do so in a way that is comfortable, durable, safe and stylish for the person using them as well.

Walking Aids

Toilet & Bath Safety Aids

Slick floors, hard ceramic fixtures, tight quarters around splashing water can make bathrooms one of the most dangerous places in the house. So it stands to reason finding ways to alleviate accidents is a top priority.

We carry almost every bathroom safety product available from bath lifts, bath chairs, bath boards, stools, shower chairs, bath steps, bath mats, bathing accessories, commodes, toilet risers, and safety rails. 

Bath Safety

Toilet Safety