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Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 7.27.05 PM“My Action Track Chair is amazing, I now have more freedom to get out and about then my daily wheel chair. No more sitting off to the side when my family is playing outside, I can get right in the fun.” - Neil


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Manufactured right in Marshall, Minnesota, the Action Trackchair is 100% MADE IN THE USA. Originally launched in 2008, the Action Trackchair has CHANGED THE LIVES OF THOUSANDS OF INDIVIDUALS and enabled countless hours of outdoor activity. Whether you're looking to get back out hunting or simply to enjoy the outdoors again, the Action Trackchair is the ticket for you. Grass, mud, sand, or snow, the Action Trackchair will get you where you need to go and back.



Tilt Mechanism

The ST and TR models have a patented, electric tilt mechanism. Tilting the chair assists with transfer, traversing terrain and rider comfort.


All of our models come equipped with multiple accessory receivers. With dozens of accessories available, you will be able to outfit your Action Trackchair exactly how you want it!


Flip-up Arms

The ST, TR and PR models come standard with flip-up arms. Whether they move in unison (TR & PR) or move individually (ST), this feature allows for easier transfer and free range of motion for outdoor activities.



More Info

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 7.25.05 PMThe Action Trackchair provides great traction that gives you the possibility of exciting adventure. With this all-terrain wheelchair you will be on your way to the ultimate off-road experience traversing over numerous types of terrain.

What is an Action Trackchair or Action Trackstander?

These ORIGINAL unique tracked, outdoor-use, all-terrain, "four-wheel drive" wheelchairs are for ANYONE with limited mobility due to respiratory, heart, joint problems, etc that may limit their ability to walk long distances. They are also for individuals who have limited, no use of, or have lost limbs and are wheelchair bound. Many people are able to regain access to much of what they thought they had left behind due to their accident or illness with the help of an Action Trackchair or Action Trackstander!

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 7.34.52 PMWith a number of people injured in accidents, our military coming home injured (THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!) or many people that have mobility concerns, the Action Trackchair and Action Trackstander can have a huge and positive impact on their quality of life. No longer are you limited to the house or watching others have fun with this awesome "four wheel drive" wheelchair in your life! Go back into the fields, woods, dirt, grass, sand, and snow. Truly enjoy the outdoors once again!

Action Trackchairs and Action Trackstanders are a remarkable innovation using zero turn technology. They are capable of turning on their own axis, handle with amazing traction coming from their unique tracked design, along with their super cool tilt mechanism that allows you to tilt the Action Trackchair 20° forward and 20° back or 5° forward and 20° back with the Action Trackstander. This feature allows more control and stability of your ride while you maneuver over all types of terrain. Each chair is designed with a joystick control (or a "goal post" if needed) for simpler operation for young children (Pediatric Trackchair), teenagers, adults, and the elderly. Action Trackchairs and Action Trackstanders can be used for any number of activities such as hunting, fishing, bird watching, working on the farm or ranch, yard work, hiking, beach trips, enjoying your property and backyard, trekking through the snow, family bonfires, tailgating parties (let your imagination go wild!) or take your Action Trackchair or Action Trackstander on that much needed vacation this year! Life changing possibilities are ENDLESS with your new all-terrain YEAR ROUND wheelchair!


“The machine is one of the most durable easy to use products that I have ever owned.” - James



Custom Seat-Blk/Camo
Custom Seat-Blk/Digital Camo
Custom Seat-Black/Black
Rear Rack 12 3/4" wide 15" long
4" Offset Extension for Joystick and/or Tilt Switch
Cover with carrying case
20 amp. Battery Charger (Upgrade from 12 amp)
LED Head Light
Attendant Control
Arm Rests w/pockets
Goal Post Joy Stick
Head Rest
Trackchair Carrier
Gun Scabbard
Gun-Tool Holder- Pair
Gun Rack-Hi Low
Umbrella Holder
Fishing Rod Holder
Utility Tray
Utility Box w/brackets
Four Point Seat Belt
Beverage/Cup Holder
Uni Mount - Includes NT Style Mounting Bracket
Transfer Handle or Backpack Hook
Seatbelt 9" Extension


Gloss Black
Soft Pink
Hot Lime
Hot Lime w/ White Splash
Super Blue
Red w/ White Splash
Black w/ White Splash
Patriot Blue
Digital Camo
Desert Tan
Orange with black splash
Black with Red Splash
Neon Pink (upcharge applies)

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